This is the top prize for the upcoming “Just Give-Trip of a Lifetime Contest” (Top 5 winners to win this trip and go together).  Other prizes will include Tickets around the world, Courses, Books, Audio Books, T-shirts, Gift Certificates, and tons more 🙂  It’s going to be fun.

Trip to Kenya Itinerary

Day 1 Depart from North America

Day 2 Evening Arrival in Nairobi After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, meet your Me to We Trip facilitators at the arrival gate. Check in to Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Built in 1908, this house was the home of the coffee farm manager for the Blixen Coffee Plantation. The home has been fully restored to its original historic glory and now serves as a luxurious resort for guests. A full English breakfast is served in the resort’s lush gardens. *Depending on your arrival time, dinner or bar snacks are available on the premise. Not included.

Day 3 Visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Join baby elephants and rhinos for their lunch at 11a.m. at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This facility was established in 1977 in memory of David Sheldrick, the famous naturalist and founder of the Warden of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Visit the Kenya Giraffe Centre Created in 1979, the Giraffe Centre is a safe home for many of Kenya’s endangered Rothschild giraffes. Guests have the opportunity to observe, feed and even kiss the giraffes. Lunch at the Talisman Dine alfresco at a popular local haunt. A set menu has been arranged for you (with choice of main). Alcoholic drinks not included. Visit the Karen Blixen Museum Step back in time and visit the original home of Karen Blixen, the author of Out of Africa. The colonial house has been preserved as a museum and was presented as a gift to the Kenyan government at independence by the Danish government. Discover the Kazuri Beads Factory Kazuri Bead Shop is a local community empowerment program, employing over 300 economically challenged women and men. Learn and observe how their precious pieces of jewelry and art are made and end your tour with a visit to their private atelier and gallery. Dinner at Karen Blixen Coffee Garden (out of pocket)

Day 4 Depart from Wilson Airport Fly by private plane to the Masai Mara to Bogani airstrip. Arrive at Bogani Cottages Settle in to your new lodgings in Bogani’s rustic luxury cottages. Built of indigenous and renewable materials, the cottages and tents are a serene place to relax and reflect after each invigorating day of volunteering. Each room is complete with hot and cold running water, flush toilets, comfortable beds and is furnished with unique African fabrics and art. Lunch, Introduction and Orientation Get acquainted with Bogani, learning some Swahili along the way! Learn about Free The Children’s Adopt-A-Village Program Learn about Free The Children’s unique Adopt-A-Village (AAV) model. Free The Children developed the AAV model that relies on four key pillars to break the cycle of poverty and achieve long-term community development: 1. Quality primary education 2. Health care services 3. Alternative income projects 4. Safe/clean drinking water and sanitation systems Visit Enerelai Primary School Go on a guided tour of Free The Children’s school – Enerelai, seeing the difference between an old and new school. Dinner with Robin Wiszowaty Robin Wiszowaty is Free The Children’s Kenya Programs Director. She oversees the development and implementation of AAV in Kenya Free The Children project communities. In 2002, she spent a year in Kenya where she settled in a Maasai village (when Robin was renamed Naserian, which, in Maasai, means ‘peaceful person’) and adjusted to a daily life of fetching water, collecting firewood and communicating solely in Swahili. She has published a book about her experience, entitled “My Maasai Life.” Robin will share stories and her unique perspective on living in these two different worlds.

Day 5 Community Water Walk Join the Mamas at Emori Joi for a special walk through the community. Learn more about how the Kipsigis organize their homes and live. Fetch water with the Mamas, a task the women perform daily. The Mamas will return with us to Bogani to talk about gender and culture in Kenya. Lunch with Mamas Community Welcome Join community members in a welcome ceremony in their community School building 101 Roll up your sleeves and grab some tools to work along side Maasai/Kipsigi community members as you help to build a new school for the community.

Day 6 Tree Nursery and Duka Tour Visit some of Free The Children’s newest program initiatives. Tour the tree nursery with Mugo, one of our Community Mobilizers. The tree nursery is reputed to be one of the country’s largest, with 80,000 indigenous seedlings produced each year. Also visit the Duka, which offers beaded handicrafts by local women and is a part of Free The Children’s alternative income programming strategy. School building Continue working on your volunteer school building project.

Day 7 Mulot Market Visit an authentic African market and learn about the economic environment in which the community members live. School building Continue working on your volunteer school building project.

Day 8 Finish School Building and School Beautification Plant some trees in memory of your visit to Bogani and Free The Children. Your trees will be individually adopted by members of the community. Medicine Walk and Maasai Warrior Training Enjoy a leisurely hike as you learn about medicinal herbs from a local Maasai warrior. You will also have the chance to train in the art of Maasai weaponry as you enjoy a cup of chai on the hillside. Enjoy Nyama Choma dinner Relax and enjoy a traditional Nyama Choma – Kenya’s barbecue. Say Kwaheri to the community Wish your new friends in the community farewell and debrief about the experience with your facilitators.

Day 9 Depart from Bogani Cottages for Nairobi Fly back by plane to Wilson Airport. Market shopping Let us take you souvenir and curio shopping at the local market and then let you re-pack your luggage for the journey home. Rest at the Holiday Inn Nairobi Spend some time relaxing and repacking your luggage for your journey home. Feast at the Carnivore Enjoy a meal of virtually every kind of meat available in Kenya at the most famous Nyama Choma restaurant in Kenya. As long as the paper flag on your table is flying, the waiters will keep bringing you food, which is carved right at your table. The carnivore has been voted amongst the top 50 restaurants in the world, twice. Drive to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for your flight home Kwaherini na safari jemma!

Day 10 Arrive home in North America


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