WINNERS for the turn $1000 into $5000 contest!

Ecuador Classroom

WOW there were a ton of AMAZING ideas for this challenge!

Submissions ranged from collecting pennies, to putting on garage sales, to donating sperm…. seriously.  Ideas came in from 4 continents, and proposed plans that would benefit Cancer Societies, homeless funds, food banks, women empowerment, and health in Africa.  I was blown away by the thought that was put into this and am SO excited to see how the winners do!

The choices were difficult… very difficult… so instead of choosing the BEST, or BIGGEST idea… I decided to choose 5!

They are all terrific in their own way, and will get a lot of people involved.

In no particular order, here are the people/groups that will be receiving $1000 and will be turning it into $5000 for a charity of their choice:

1) The Fading Ladies

This is a group of ex-patriot women living in India, and making a huge difference.  They will be buying t-shirts, then decorating them, and re-selling them for a great charitable profit.  They are calling it TheTayCon project, and are AMPED to get going.  Check out their entry video here.

2) The ever fit and fantastic Kyla Gagnon

Kyla is a great friend of mine, and brought together HUGE resources for her idea.  She is a professional fitness trainer and runs boot camps, personal training, and has competed in high level fitness competitions.  She will be leveraging all of her contacts in the fitness world to put on a HUGE event that will take place in Victoria.  She already has local radio stations committed to helping the cause, and will no doubt get people out in DROVES to have fun, get fit, and do a ton of good.  Keep an eye on Ky’s FB page for more

3) Marathon Meghan 🙂

Meghan came up with an incredible idea that she calls “The Marathon of Giving”.  Meghan is an avid runner, so will be tying a running theme into her efforts by enrolling people to give a small amount of money, every day, for 42 days straight (there are 42 Km in a marathon).  She will be enrolling other runners and supporters to donate $4.20 a day for 42 days.  What a great idea hey?!?!  Guess how many people she needs to commit to donating $4.20 a day to ensure she hits $5000…. 100 people?…. 200 people? …. NOPE!…. only 28!  Now that is the power of getting others involved.  Her $5000 will be going to empowering women in Africa.  VERY inspirational Meghan… put me down for taking part and donating $4.20 a day.  I can skip one latte a day for a few weeks, and I bet a few people reading this could too.  If you could leave the lattes for 42 days and do something huge for women in Africa, contact Meghan here.

4) Gord says it’s concert time!!!!

Gord S came up with a very killer and comprehensive plan to put on a concert in Victoria with Andrew Allan headlining!  Andrew is an UNREAL entertainer.  Gord has hosted a party with him performing once already, and the people want more!  Gord will be incorporating selling wrist bands, and will be leveraging social media and a number of other contacts he has.  This will be a blast to take part in.  We will have a site up with all of the concert info soon.  Nice job Gord.

5) A day for Africa

This was a LAST minute entry that just had to get the cash.  Billy, from Comox, put together the idea to hook me up with a few guys that want to put on a day of massive contribution, in Quebec!  The guys will be organizing nearly 200 volunteers that will go out in various communities offering their manual labor services in return for donations.  This model has already proven successful in other cities, so we are really looking forward to watching them blow the lid off of the $5000 goal.  For more info, check out this site.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to every one who submitted entries, and to anyone who even thought for a second about how they could contribute in their own unique way.

At the end of the day, turning $1000 into $5000 is great, but what this whole thing was about was getting our creative juices flowing in service of the greater whole.  We think so much about ourselves, our needs, and us us us.  I feel confident that if we realized, for a moment, how incredibly wealthy we are in the grand scheme of things, that we would turn our attention to others and share the abundance of this world with those that don’t have it.

Whether you donate even a cent, it doesn’t matter to me.  All that matters is that your brain thought for a moment about how much you, one single person, could do for others.  It is my deep belief that when one has contemplated the difference he or she can make… that one will ensure to make that difference.

Much love from Costa Rica!!!!  Pura Vida 🙂


PS I am JUST about to change over to a blog/site I have been working on for the last year, and will be dropping this one.  Let’s hook up on Twitter to keep connected.  The next contest will be giving away fully paid trips to Kenya… 25 of them!!!!


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