About The TayCon

When I want to really get to know someone… I ask them value-based questions… So I am going to ask myself a value-based question in hopes that it will paint a much better picture of what the culmination of my experiences has produced.  I think it is better that than me telling you random things; like how I get mistaken for being gay WAY more than average, or how I accidentally sharted when I was 16….


Question: So Taylor…. if you could have dinner with anyone… who would it be and why?

Answer: First off I would extend “dinner” to start first thing in the morning, and be served over 4 separate courses throughout the day.  I would have the first course (you might call it breakfast) with Buddha.  We would relax in India, talk about life, suffering, attachment, and enlightenment for a while, and just be.  Ideally I would become enlightened just after my first eggnog spelt pancake, and in a perfect world… I would contribute something wonderful to him.

For the second course, aka lunch, I would have some sushi, in Japan, with Napolean Hill.  He would tell me about his 25 years worth of research, his amazing goals and accomplishments, his recommendations, and I would get to thank him for writing the book that literally changed the course of my life in Dec 2005 (Think and Grow Rich).

Around 8pm, after having a chance to digest all the amazing insight from Nap (yes, we are now on a nickname basis, and he wants me to date his great grand daughter)…. I would sit down at a private booth in a beautiful restaurant in Italy with Tony Robbins, Echart Tolle, and Albert Einstein.  We would be streaming the dinner live, so all my family and friends could watch and soak up the knowledge too.  We would chat about Tony’s life, his amazing experiences, and his advice on what he would do if he got to live his life over again.  Eckart would then share some incredibly insightful wisdom on silence, and how to access the Now in any moment.  And we would then give the floor to Albert to just talk and ramble about whatever he thought would be of the most benefit (I would be taking notes… then just watch the video of the talk and throw the notes out-I forgot we were streaming it…).

After all that… it would be nearly midnight.  I would invite Tim Ferriss out for a beer in Germany, where we would sit for about an hour chatting about his life and experiences.   I would thank him sincerely for his book, The Four Hour Work Week, and for the incredible shift it helped me facilitate in my life (hence me writing this section from my laptop in the Canary Islands).  I would thank him with a handshake, and by inviting Meghan Fox and Jessica Alba over to our table… did I mention it is Oktoberfest?  Well it is… and the night gets out of control!!!!  We party, laugh, learn a bit, and in the midst of our escapades, we come up with an idea… how to raise 5 million dollars for charity in 5 days….. and then we do it.

WHEW!  That was a novel, and is probably 5-7 minutes that you will never get back, so thank you for reading.  I am ALWAYS infatuated with people’s answers to that question…. so if you have a moment, PLEASE email it to me, or better yet, keep it a bit shorter than my over the topness, and comment it below 🙂

Lots of love.



2 responses to “About The TayCon

  1. People like you who are following your dreams and always looking to improve are few and far between…Love you big guy!
    Keep inspiring people and can’t wait to see you in July to share stories!

  2. Love the tweets !

    Desire. Ask. Believe. Receive.

    You inspire me to keep living my dream!

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