Over a year ago I thought to myself… I wish I could go traveling, and live like I was going to die within 6 months.  Then I thought… what would I do if I was going to die in 6 months?  This trip is the answer to that question…

1) learn another language – moved to Spain Dec 31, 2009 to start 2010 immersed in Spanish.

2) spend solid 1 on 1 time with my mom, dad, and sister… cuz really, how well does one really know their parents?  Not as mom and dad, but as people.  Their hopes, dreams, fears, loves, the REAL person without the “mom/dad filter”… I want to learn about them being young, being hippies, using too many drugs, and thinking they would never get old.  So the trips are planned: Antarctica (the only continent I haven’t touched) with my dad for 2 weeks in early March, a Deepak Chopra course/meditation-week with my mom in late March along with some time in the Florida Quays, and a trip with my sister to Greece or Italy (TBA).

3) spend time with amazing friends – I am renting a crazy Villa in Ibiza this summer… inviting 15 great friends, and tearing that town a new one for 7 days.  I am also meeting up with very close friends at different times along the way… in England, Japan, Indo, and others.

4) see the world – other destinations on the trip are: China (mainly the Great Wall), Japan for a couple weeks-one in Tokyo with a solid friend and one week at a Zen Temple in the mountains meditating, Indonesia with one of my best friend’s Rob and 3 Aussies that party harder than anyone I have ever met on a yacht and surfing our aces off non-stop, England, France, Greece, Italy, Florida, Vegas, maybe NYC, probably all over Europe, and wherever the wind takes me… spontaneity and fun are the only requirements.


5) contribute/make the world a better place – by the time this year is out, my goal is to have facilitated over $100,000 donated to charity that otherwise never would have been donated, and fuel a “young philanthropy” movement that is budding and ready to be established.  This will happen by leveraging my own planned financial contributions.  Also, I am in the middle of writing my first book that is based on challenging societal norms, looking for happiness where it can be found (instead of where our conditioning claims it is), and destroying everything “normal”… because normal is boring, unfulfilling, and a by-product of a past that is outdated and irrelevant.  The goal of the book is to help readers to live happier, more free, centered, and giving lives 🙂

And that’s it! well, I am sure that so much more will come of the trip, and stuff that I never ever would have expected, will happen.  BRING IT!!!!



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